Local Connections – Peter Thompsons of York

Since picking up my interests in interiors again and creating The Yorkshire Hare Blog, I have been enjoying looking at what local interior companies have been doing, what trends they have been picking up on and what accessories they have been stocking.


That got me thinking, as nice as these finished products are, what is the process and how do people end up with these gorgeous kitchens and homes? I started to look at local businesses around me, I had a bit of a nosey in Peter Silk of Helmsley whilst shopping. I didn’t have to look far, Peter Thompsons of York stood out to me straight away, not only because my Fiancé is one of their highly talented craftsmen but because I have always admired their work.
So here the journey begins…

“Peter Thompsons of York – Excellence from Inspiration to installation”
I went to visit PTOY (Peter Thompsons of York) to see exactly what inspires their genuinely bespoke work, I met with Helen, the wife of the late Peter Thompsons Son Rob and chatted to her about what they do. PTOY is a family run business, for more than 30 years they have transformed natural materials into exceptional products and make completely unique living environments.

The show room and workshop is located on an industrial estate in Sutton-On-Forest, you wouldn’t know it driving up to the visitor’s car park spaces. The building is beautifully presented from the outside; a lot of care has been taken in the presentation of it. As I walked in I was met by the friendly receptionist Jemma and had a wander around the show room, which is stunning, I could have happily lived in it!

One of the things that stood out to me is that everything is all genuinely bespoke, you couldn’t get the range, quality and craftsmanship anywhere else. It’s something that the whole team are proud of, everyone is part of the Peter Thompson Family and play a huge role in what is produced.

Picture: The entrance of PTOY showroom & sales office.

The Journey

The journey starts with the show room, its somewhere to find inspiration and dream, look at the design concepts and materials used. Its somewhere to explore the possibilities and build a picture of your own interior dream, all the appliances and units are fully functioning so that you can see how they work, which is really useful as it builds a real-life picture for the client.

Picture: Burr Oak Showroom Kitchen

Next is the consultation where a dedicated designer will start to build a picture, discuss in detail exactly what you want your project to look like and start to bring it to life with unique ideas and solutions.

The Visualisation process is next, this will be the first time you get to see what materials are going to be used and the finishes, it’s an extremely exciting time as it brings you one step closer to the finished product. Samples are one of my favourite things, getting to feel the materials rather than just see an image is invaluable.

Material sourcing is one of the most important stages of any interior project, making sure that the materials are fit for purpose and look right in your home is so important as it determines the quality of the final product. You can really see the quality of all of the materials, I had a little look in the workshop after chatting to Helen and the oak and wood comes in literally as sliced trees, even in its rawest form it still looks amazing. I particularly loved the range of work top materials, particularly the stunning sparkly Granite.

Picture: Raw materials that are transformed into beautiful products by PTOY’s highly skilled craftsmen.
Production of your home project is on site at the workshop, nothing is standard or off the shelf, everything is made and finished by the highly talented craftsmen, great time and care is taken to make sure each piece is perfect. All of the pieces I looked at in the showroom are completely unique, Burr Oak is the flagship design of PTOY and I have never seen wood grain so beautiful, the finish on the wood almost gleams.

Once your project has been installed there is a full aftercare package, everything is taken care of which is definitely piece of mind for the client.

If you would like to find out more about how PTOY manage each project or look at their home collections check out the website http://www.peterthompsonofyork.co.uk/

Pictures: Kitchens, furniture and appliances in the PTOY showroom.

My favourite pieces from the showroom…

I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to sparkly things, I love naturally sparkly things like granite. So, when I saw this beautiful specimen in the PTOY showroom I was quite excited! It reminds me of Labradorite which is dark but has flecks of colour. The purple blooms in it are so pretty and each one unique, I could spend all day looking at it!

In contrast I also really like the clean look of the paler granite, it is much better for a smaller kitchen because it reflects light and makes the space look bigger and brighter. Creams and greys are really in at the moment, whether it is creams in a farmhouse style or greys in a ultra modern style.
I really loved the Burr Oak, it is so naturally pretty in its detail. It looks fabulous in a statement piece such as a coffee table or side board unit, and has a really quality, classic and timeless feel to it. I particularly liked the piece that was hung on the wall, if you didn’t want your whole kitchen or bedroom in burr oak then a polished up piece like this would make a good compromise.
So there we go! Please get in touch, comment and don’t forget to check out the FaceBook page for Peter Thompsons of York & their website. It has been a pleasure visiting and writing about their work!

Kelly X



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