6 Months a blogger

So for the last 6 Months I have been trying my hand at blogging, I was a little worried at first as to whether I would look a complete idiot! But so far so good, I have joined the loveliest lifestyle, homes & interiors community on Instagram. Each and every one of the accounts is so supportive and lovely and you get to know the people behind them.

So 12 or so Blog posts later, where am I?

At the beginning of March, only two months after I started my blog, I was approached by Country Living Magazine to feature in their Country Collections directory, they found me via my Instagram account (@theyorkshirehare) and liked the things I was posting. But this all came at a cost, and I just was not willing to pay as a very new blogger! It was encouraging though and spurred me on to keep up the posts, also keep enjoying what I am doing!

In the last 6 months I have had over 3,000 people visit my blog, which I am super pleased about and nearly half of them are repeat visitors. I have no idea if that is good or not, but I am still chuffed with it! The fact that people are reading what I am writing, even going as far to say as enjoying it is really encouraging, I don’t keep a firm eye on my figures, only checking them occasionally to see how we are getting on.

During the last 6 months I have found so many amazing small businesses, I am a big supporter of small businesses, giving them your custom rather than big profit making companies is way more satisfying and I am happy that my money is helping to support their families! It is true what they say, every time you buy from a small business they do a happy dance!

One of the companies I love and am so passionate about is the White Sage Way, I love my crystals, I love pretty things & I love small businesses, it really was a collaboration made in heaven! Linda is also very kind and has sent me little extras, in return I promote her on my Instagram account & blog, I would never promote businesses that I didn’t love, whether that is the products or lovely people behind them! I will definitely do a blog post soon showing you the decorative crystals I have bought, showing you how I style them in my home and accessories!

One of the things I am most grateful of during this journey is finding so many beautiful accounts on Instagram, becoming part of a ‘instafam’ and getting to know them. I couldn’t believe how many small businesses and interior lovers there were from Yorkshire, even just York!! It is nice to be able to chat to people with the same interests as you. I am really loving blogging and posting on my Instagram account, it is definitely something I want to become more serious about in the future! But for now a little hobby to get some escapism and fun will do me just fine!

​Keep up to date over on my Instagram @theyorkshirehare

Kelly X

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