Am I disappointing?


Flowers make everything better!
I am a people pleaser. Its in my nature to say yes!

I couldn’t think of anything worse than disappointing someone, but recently I am learning to say no. Whether that is a friend who is taking over your life, a colleague who needs your help but you are already a week behind or in my case that a company has asked you to help with their campaign.

​So here is where my self doubt started. A web based company got in touch with me by email, the tone was expectant. They wanted me to write a blog post with a follow link back to their page. When I emailed back I asked for more details, I certainly wasn’t convinced at this point. I look at collaborations or influencing with two points in mind – Do I love it? Will my followers love it? If one of those points aren’t met, I won’t agree. Its really important to me to have organic and REAL content, this after all is my hobby not my job. I don’t need the money but its a nice incentive, and perhaps one day it will be my job!


Mug from Sarah Boddy collaboration #gifted
Long story short. I said no. It was far from what I was interested in, branded as an opportunity that it really wasn’t.

So am I disappointing people? Probably, but not to this company. I was just one of many they got in contact with and for one Blogger this would have been right up their street. I regularly watch Lisa Dawson & Dee Campling’s Lives on Instagram and one thing Lisa says is that all blog posts, Instagram posts where you are get something in return (gifted item, mention, payment) is a business transaction and should be treated as such. This was just a pair of socks I got offered in a Primark sale that I didn’t need…why? Well they just weren’t my style!

​Silliness aside, don’t be afraid to say no. I have been blogging for over a year now and I am grateful for every opportunity but I don’t necessarily accept every one!

​Until next time…

Kelly xXx

​Click on Lisa or Dee’s names for links to their Instagram pages if you need some good old inspiration!

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