Christmas with The Yorkshire Hare

Christmas in April? You’ve got to be kidding! Bear with me this post was originally published in December!

I have some pretty big expectations when it comes to Christmas. First off it has to be the decorations, it isn’t Christmas without a beautifully decorated tree and accessories, right? Now I have never had a big 6ft dreamboat of a tree, I have always had little ones (Christmas 2018 will be a game changer, I am hoping to get one in the January sales!) but nevertheless there is loads you can do with a small tree. Providing you get the right size decorations you can just about angle your camera to make them look like the big ones! A bit of Instagram fakery for you!


First of December…BAM and its Christmas!!
What I love on my mini tree:

Bead Garlands, my favourite ones are from Asda a couple of years ago and I am so glad I stocked up on them then because I haven’t seen them since. I think they are better than the traditional metallic beads, they just look a bit more special!

Sentimental decorations, I have loads of these! Ones I have bought with friends like my gorgeous glass Acorn from John Lewis, me & my friend Karen bought ours together! Ones my Mum made, ones family have bought me and ones that symbolise & mean something to me.

Twinkly lights, its not a Christmas tree without lights, lets face it!


Little Hare I bought to celebrate almost 1 year of The Yorkshire Hare from Thora & The Prince (Haxby, York)
​Festive activities have to be at the top of my list! Whether its making decorations or baking seasonal goodies, its one of my favourite things! Last year I got a couple of packs of these little felt reindeers that you have to blanket stitch & then add the finishing touches. But I have never baked ginger bread…I have the cutters (rose gold!!) and have yet to find an easy recipe!

Felt Reindeer made with kit from Hobby Craft
Winter walks are not to be missed, there is nothing better than a clear sky, winter sun and frosty walks. When you are cooped up inside hiding from the cold its nice to get out and embrace it…with a toasty warm bobble hat & a big cosy cost!

The best Winter walk I have had in years was last year. We spent Christmas in Scotland and we got a white Christmas! It was so exciting and truly magical! There is something about snow that I really love, it makes everything so bright and festive! I mean just look at the pictures below, if that doesn’t say Christmas I don’t know what does!
So bring on the Snow, the Quality Streets and all of the Christmas decs!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kelly xXx

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