Collaborating with Sarah Boddy


I was super excited when the team behind Sarah Boddy offered me the chance to collaborate with them, even more so when I got to choose pieces from the range to enjoy! You would have thought I would make a bee line for the Hare range (its so lovely!) but I decided to change things up and go with another Countryside beauty, the humble Pheasant! And I love the design, the colours are beautiful and it is instantly obvious that a lot of time and care has gone into each piece.

Behind the scenes at Sarah Boddy…

One of the things that makes Sarah Boddy unique is that not only are the mugs made in England in their Leicestershire studio, but they are also then hand-finished (applying decals) and then fired in their own kiln. Each design is based on an original watercolour painting or pencil drawing by Sarah Boddy, usually with a real countryside feel!

When I looked into Sarah Boddy, I really loved the beautiful website, especially the ‘About us’ page. It showcases not only the main lady herself but her team Hazel, Leonie and Claire, along with the office dogs Billy and Digby and the lovely ladies at the Post Office. I think that this is something that makes this company really special, its great to see who is behind the scenes and makes it happen!

​Pheasant Fever…

I am a little bit obsessed with homeware, particularly Mugs…I have quite the collection and the Pheasant mug from Sarah Boddy is a welcome addition. I love the carefully chosen colours and the character of Mr Pheasant, I think he is standing there rather proud!

​ I do believe mugs are a personal choice, you can’t just have ANY mug can you? All of mine are picked because I love them, whether it be a homeware designer I love or it has something on it that I really like. You have to have your morning cuppa from them so it has to be good’un.

Novice Model…

I also had so much fun shooting the photos for the collaboration, I let loose my inner poser and got my sister-in law-to-be to play photographer! I was so pleased with the results that one of them has even made it to profile picture level on Instagram! It was quite nice to get my favourite jacket on, don the wellies (can I just live in them please?) and enjoy the outdoors!

Thank you for reading! Keep up to date with all things The Yorkshire Hare over on my Instagram @theyorkshirehare

To shop Sarah Boddy click here​

Kelly X

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