Decorating update…international women’s day special!


Just taking a picture of this bejewelled hanging star because of the wall paper in the background!
So the last blog post I wrote was about the start of our living room journey, we are ALMOST there!! The wall paper is now up, which was a challenge, when you have “bookshelves” to get straight and fully horizontal and your walls aren’t straight…thank you ‘70’s builders!
But with my dad and the long lost sister of the chuckle brothers (aka my best friend, and I know she reads these!) we got it sorted! All joking aside, we couldn’t have done it without her engineering brain, AND while we are talking about it, AND as it was International women’s day yesterday, can I just say that she is a female engineer and pretty badass too! #stronggirlsclub


Progress! Goodbye mellow yellow!!
From the experience I found out that wallpapering is quite hard and next time I should just get wall paper that doesn’t require precision cutting and pattern matching to save my Dad a headache (and possibly a beer or two that night!). Oh and that Mr TYH is a reluctant wall paper-er, he was no where to be seen when that paste came out! But what I also learnt is that Dad is pretty alright at wall papering, I was thinking that maybe my wallpaper in my bedroom at home was just a fluke, but like they say “You have either got it or you don’t”, eh, Dad?

The living room is pretty much there, I still need to get some art work and put up a shelf, maybe get a rug and some faux plants but its starting to look pretty damn good! Oh there is so much to think about!


Cosy corners and THE Aldi lamp of dreams.
Also since then, a glass panelled door has been painted, the skirtings fully finished, new doors hung and a hallway ripped apart…ooops.  If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen from my stories that “It just started with a peel, how did it end up like this?”.

We actually had no plans as to what was next to be attacked by the decorating bandit (my new name, also see Instagram for reference) so it was a little bit of a shock to the system when I was suddenly faced with a new project and a shed load of wall paper to be rid of AGAIN! But we got there in the end, with a little help from Mr TYH’s Mum who with a scraper in hand was a gem! The next day I started painting, I got the first coat done, top to bottom all by myself! Who needs men when you have determination and a dining chair?! #girlpower

​I also got my hands on a machine sander as the walls underneath were pretty bumpy and badly filled, there was no wonder the previous owners covered each and EVERY wall in textured wall paper to cover those bad boys up! I think I get my determination from my Mum, she has a few problems that cause her chronic and pretty awful pain, but she never lets that stop her, and for that I admire her. She is a true #bossbabe. But I don’t know where I get my impatience and impulsiveness from…anyone want to own up to that one?! 


The decorating bandit in all her glory.
The hallway is going to be the same colour as the Living room (Dulux Polished Pebble) as we bought quite a lot of it… And I am considering having a radiator cover in there too. I say considering, that is a complete lie, Mr TYH has already been tasked and briefed, so watch this space!

So that is our progress, I thought I would write this post in conjunction with International Women’s Day (8th of March) and show my little wins as a woman decorating her first house and celebrate other women, and my Dad, bless him, he has had to put up with being outnumbered for 23 years! Although IWD is about women, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my Mum & Dad, he knows how to bring up a strong woman (and how to live with them!!) so he deserves a bit of celebrating too. BUT this blog post is dedicated to my Mum, who is the ultimate woman in my eyes.

Kelly xXx

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