Embarking on a new home journey

This post was originally written in October 2017, pre site transfer!


​So this is a big one, buying your first home is exciting, overwhelming and a little bit scary! I have learnt a few things quite quickly and it’s not easy! There’s so much advice flying at you from friends, family and colleagues that its hard to take it all in and process it in your mind into something you understand. 

So just go with the flow, sit listen and absorb but remember not all advice is good advice. One of my friends told me to wait it out until I win the lottery and then buy a house, but 1. That’s not going to happen and 2. I wouldn’t fully appreciate what we have worked for if I was able to buy a house out right.

Preparing to make a house your home

The most exciting thing for me is turning the house we buy into a home. My shopping habits have turned from buying a new top to buying matching mugs!! And I love it, I have forever loved homes and interiors and now we are getting ever closer to living out that dream! I have been constantly sending screenshots of dinnerware or cushions I like to Oliver and asking him what he thinks, probably annoying him in the process!

It’s the best thing we have done, it means now we don’t have to fork out loads of money on top of solicitor and mortgage fees to get the things we need like crockery and every day appliances obviously there are just practical things in all those boxes…no Fleur & Grey decorative Bee planters. Nope. Not one…

Estate agent do’s and don’ts

But we have been thinking about it for a long time now, buying a house that is, and we have been casually looking a for a while too. It wasn’t until we actually stepped foot into an estate agents’ office that it all really kicked in and that was it 3 house viewings, one that same day and 2 the day after.

However we have had mixed feelings about the agents we went to see, we are both well aware that they want to sell you a house, it’s in their best interests and pays their mortgages. I don’t want to name and shame, but one sounding similar to Heeds Hains I was particularly unimpressed with. The thing that really got my blood boiling was their bad mouthing of other estate agents, I hate companies who do this, if you can’t sell yourself well enough without resorting to this under the belt behaviour then why bother. I just thought it was BAD customer service and totally unnecessary! On the other hand one sounding similar to Smilliam H Bowns were really very good!

​The thing I really didn’t like about dealing with Estate Agents is that they want to sell you everything and anything, they will pretty much say anything to get you to choose whatever product it is, whether that’s them saying its ‘exclusive’ to us and you wont get it anywhere else or so and so knows exactly what’s best for you…NEWSFLASH they don’t know what’s best for you. I am not saying I didn’t get slightly stroppy on the phone when all I wanted to do was book a viewing not hear about the entire list of exclusive services they offer but keep your cool, and get your best poker face out!

My top tips when embarking on your first home journey, what I know so far…

·       Listen to your parents and think about advice they are giving you (yes they are quite useful!) but do what’s best for you. YOU.
·       Don’t be afraid to go out and try and find information for yourself – there are plenty of trust worthy and knowledgeable sites which can help you understand mortgages, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ site is fantastic.
·       If you are buying with your partner – communicate. I can’t emphasise how important it is to talk to each other about every step and you are in this together, just you two and no one else.
·       Get excited!! The best advice came from my Dad, and he said to be excited, it’s a huge step but a really good one. It’s your own space, you can do what you like to it and make it what you want.

​As always, thank you for reading & keep up to date over on my Instagram @theyorkshirehare

Kelly xX

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