New Beginnings…hello 2018!

​So here starts 2018, a new life together in our first home and the start of my interior dreams…

It all started in October 2017, the month that our offer was accepted on what was going to be our first home together. Who knew that in 3 months I would be writing this blog post from the sofa in my new living room.

On January the 5th we managed to move all of our belongings (we uncovered “Mug city” in one of my boxes…), build the bed & dining set all in one day. Mr The Yorkshire Hare, myself and both families were very tired after. But without them, we couldn’t have done it!

In just 5 days we managed to clear the boxes, organise our things and make it look somewhat like a home! I am sitting here on a sofa with a matching throw (If that doesn’t say I have my sh*t together I don’t know what does!) a cup of coffee and some very fetching interior accessories on every available surface!
So whats next? You all know that I am very ‘Get it done yesterday’ and I really thought that I was wanting to get the wallpaper off and start painting ASAP…but for the moment I am just going to enjoy it. Living in my own house that is, not the wallpaper…

I am not going to lie, the next person to tell me that the wallpaper is nice and we should keep it for a while will be launched out of the nearest window but along with all of the other pressures of having a new house like worrying about bills and the extra work to be done sometimes things like that aren’t very helpful.

This is one of the most exciting things that will ever happen in our life, we just want to enjoy it and make it what we want. Whether you are going it alone, with a partner or friend, document it, take before and after pictures and most importantly make it your own.

I am going to be documenting our journey on the Blog & instagram, which I hope will be helpful and give some inspiration to others embarking on the same journey. Buying your first home is a massive learning curve, its been a busy 2 weeks for us and no doubt the next 6 months will be too.

Next on my to do list is strip the wallpaper and paint in the living room, get all the pictures hung, find some new cushion covers and some new more modern vertical blinds, so keep your eye out for new posts to come!

Keep up to date over on my instagram @theyorkshirehare

Kelly xXx 

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