Redecorating the living room

We have been in the house for over a month now and its time to start my favourite bit!! Decorating!! I am looking forward to seeing our house become our home and put our stamp all over it.

Picking wallpaper…

We have looked at quite a bit, took samples of what we liked and lived with the samples stuck on the wall for 2 weeks, like some sort of odd patchwork wall! I did an instagram poll to see what your favourites are, Mr TYH did the same but with his Snapchat friends and we decided on…
Picking paint…

I hate picking paint, there is too much choice and I am so indecisive. But I came away with a range rather than not picking up enough! The samples are all currently stuck up in a line on the wall too. We are going for grey (obvs, is it not the interior cliché of the year?!) but we want a light but warm grey, if there is such a thing. I think we have found one from the B&Q Valspar range, bring on the tester pots!

​But we actually went with Dulux – Polished Pebble! And no B&Q are not sponsoring this post, but if they fancy it…I have many more rooms to do?


In progress, coat 1 of polished pebble.
​However the first coat of paint put the absolute fear in me, it wouldn’t cover the mellow yellow underneath and it was SO dark. I could hear my Dad already saying I told you so for not getting a tester pot. In our defence (see how the blame has shifted to both me & Mr The Yorkshire Hare) it was the only one we didn’t have a tester pot for and hadn’t discovered until the night we went to buy our supplies!

​So how about some progress pics?

 Goodbye textured wall paper, hello mellow yellow! The wallpaper came off so easily thankfully, the only problem was that it was on every single wall. That’s a lot to remove, but warm water and a sponge (thank you Dad for that one!) did the trick!

​To prepare for painting we filled any holes or cracks with filler and sanded it back so the walls were smooth. The reason we chose matte paint is because it hides a lot of blemishes too!

Before & after, the back wall is still in need of papering, but I will do another blog post when that has been done and the room is furnished with all of its accessories!
Ta daaaa! Finished! I just need to find something for that bare wall, maybe some artwork or a shelf? What do you guys think? Post any ideas in the comments!

​Keep up to date with the new home decorating over on my Instagram @theyorkshirehare

Kelly xXx

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