The White Sage Way

The White Sage Way

One of the great things about the home, interiors and lifestyle community is the people you get to meet, not just via social media but from buying from small businesses on Etsy. We all know I love shopping and Crystals, so when it comes to both, I might just be in my element!
I came across The White Sage Way and Linda whilst looking for little accessories to decorate my Instagram and Blog pictures, something different, dainty and pretty. I am already a massive fan of crystals and I had never ever seen any cut into little tiny hearts or stars, I knew I just had to have them for my pictures. I love all of them…I think Linda almost banned me from her Etsy shop, ‘oh I will just order a couple of those ones…but those are pretty too!’

Linda was so helpful and just as passionate about Crystals as myself, she was extremely generous and sent me extra ones to try and some little surprises along the way! Each package I received came very quickly in the post & came packaged in very secure padded envelopes so that they arrived safe & sound.
So what exactly does The White Sage Way mean to Linda?

“When you want to say something really meaningful…

My love of spiritual literature often left family and friends on the receiving end of impromptu recitals. Any verse that I found powerful, beautiful or uplifting, had to be shared…

In addition, I’d amassed a considerable collection of crystals over the years and I noticed more and more, that people were curious about them – what each one meant or was for. I would often explain and give them as gifts. I noticed how people loved being given these relatively inexpensive yet pretty and special little stones.

It was only a hop, skip and a jump then to launching The White Sage Way. My shop offers greeting cards with real, heart stopping, tear jerking, smile and love inducing gravitas, shiny pretty crystals, digital wall art for wonderful daily reminders and now yoga tees or anytime tees really, with uplifting, loving and fun messages!

Daily loving reminders are a really positive help when embracing spiritual practice – so I made all the poetry available by digital download, so anybody wanting those can print them in a selection of sizes.  It’s not all serious though – you’ll see there are the Doodle cards and digital downloads – which are just positive and uplifting messages.  I am currently working on a range of candles and white sage smudging bundles.

My office/studio is constantly in a state of chaos and my life is spent trying to balance work, home, dog and teenage sons!  I’m a proud Londoner by birth, but happily settled in the wonderful East Sussex countryside.  Being a maker/seller is a labour of love, but you have to be careful not to spend to much time alone in your office/studio – the danger is too much alone time.”

It is obvious that Linda is so passionate about what she does and this makes supporting small businesses so much more important, I very rarely buy gifts or things for myself from huge businesses, much favouring local businesses, small businesses and unique businesses! Can I get the word business in again do you think?! Everyone who owns a small business tells me that every time someone makes a purchase that they do a little happy dance! And so they should, that is one more person to spread the word and one more person who is helping them to support themselves and their families.

They are right up your street if you too love crystals and unique gifts, or if you are like me and love to accessorize your blog pictures. However I can tell you now none of those gorgeous little Crystals are leaving my possession!! But rather staying in my Instagram & blog pictures, I might buy one or two more for gifts if I really love you!

All selfishness aside they do make really beautiful keep sakes, put in a card or little box for someone to cherish, keep in their purse or on the mantel piece by your picture, I don’t think you couldn’t like them really!! Not only do I love them as little keep sakes but why not get a bit arty and scatter them around your home as tiny (but none the less gorgeous!) accessories, a little bit like permanent confetti? I keep some of mine scattered around my necklace holder on my dressing table, I just love seeing them glinting in the sunlight on a morning.

​When I asked Linda what her favourite crystal was, I couldn’t have put it better myself, its my favourite too!! “If I had to choose one, it would be rose quartz. Because as many a guru would say, whatever the question, love is the answer! And Rose Quartz as we know is the stone of love.”
​Pop over to Linda’s Etsy and have a look, treat yourself, you won’t find anything like them anywhere else!! Linda also has much much more in her shop from pretty yoga tees to uplifting cards, keep updated with new gifts or just tempt yourself on a daily basis by the pretty things (like I do!!) get following @thewhitesageway on Instagram!
Keep a look out for my 1k Giveaway featuring some lovely treats from myself and Linda!

Kelly X

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