The Yorkshire Hare goes to Ibiza

Originally posted in November 2017 – but here is a bit of sunshine for you due to the site transfer!



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Its been 2 weeks since we got back from our last minute holiday to  Ibiza. Do I have the holiday blues? Yes. Yes I do! Its not the hot weather I am missing (it was a beautiful 26 degrees!) I am not really built to withstand long periods of warm temperatures! I find it rather uncomfortable but I still love nothing more than sunbathing all day!

I am missing the….
Food. Eating all day and all inclusive is definitely something to be missed when you get home. Cereal for breakfast?! Where are my Croissants and freshly made pancakes…and why can’t I just go to the snack bar for some chips? I hate that about coming home, food isn’t on tap and it certainly isn’t all inclusive! There’s just something about Spanish food and drink which is incredibly addictive, we brought 3 bags of crisps home with us and I… a handbag full of biscuits, they just aren’t the same are they?!

Leaving Ibiza – a view to Santa Eulalia where we stayed this time!
Time. The time that me & Mr The Yorkshire Hare got to spend together just us two. We had needed a break for ages to get away from it all and enjoy each others company. We had a fab time, did what we wanted to, when we wanted to! If we fancied a stroll along the promenade down in Santa Eulalia we could, if we wanted to go and look at the posh boats in the Marina we could! It was lovely and such a shame to come home but soon we will have even more time together…bring on January!

The best view from the promenade – our hotel was just up that hill somewhere!
Views. Ibiza has the most amazing views and coastline, its stunning! There are still areas that are untouched and not hit by the tourist trade. Santa Eulalia is a nice mix of busy during season but there are still areas where you can get away. We stayed up the hill away from it all in the Sirenis Club Hotel Siesta, its a small hotel with the best staff and its out of the way! We went last year with the Mr The Yorkshire Hares family before they had a refurb and it looks amazing now, the rooms are stunning!

Santa Eulalia Marina.
If you are considering holidaying in Ibiza, I say go for it. I have been going for years (I am not talking about San Antonio partying!!) there are so many family friendly hotels, couple retreats and quiet tranquil areas to explore!

​Here are a few more photos if you still need convincing!

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Kelly X

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