Moodboarding with The Yorkshire Hare


Valspar Colour samples

Moodboarding. I am a bit mad for moodboarding. Its a great way to collect all of your inspiration together and make it look pretty! I have found that it is a really great way to piece together a room.

I have found the 3 best ways to create a moodboard:

A flatlay with all the bits of inspo laid out on a nice background, for which I use wallpaper samples from B&Q! This wood effect wallpaper is my favorite and compliments all flatlays as it is so neutral! Then I take a photo from directly above, depending on the time of day I follow the light around the house for the best pictures.


Flatlay Moodboard

I also like the traditional method of using a scrap book and arranging the materials I have collected and then sticking them in, I mainly use paint swatches and images from magazines, such as Ideal Home. Sometimes I will use small scraps of material but they can make the scrapbook bulky if you use too many.

I got a lovely brown paper covered scrap book with a little tie to keep it closed from Paperchase but there are loads out there that you can use with patterned covers!



My third moodboarding technique is to use where you can create digital moodboards by uploading your own images and then downloading the moodboard to post on social media or in a blog post or print out.

It is a really neat way to present a moodboard and looks professional. I like to use them in Powerpoint presentations and in workshops as inspiration. They don’t have to be cluttered or full of images or swatches to get a great result!


A digital moodboard created by using

Gathering your materials…once you have decided on your preferred format gathering your materials together is next. These could be:

  • Paint samples & colour pallettes
  • Fabric & print swatches
  • Images cut from magazines & catalogs or your own images
  • Pinterest board screenshots
  • Sketched ideas (room layout, accessories etc)
  • Examples of accessories

Arrange them how you would like them, there is no right and wrong way to do it, remember its an expression of your ideas!


Gather the materials you need for your moodboard together!

When you have gathered all your materials, it is time to play around with the arrangement of it. Do you want a clear grid like look? Plenty of space between materials? A layered and overlapping look? Do you want things in there that arent neccissarily part of the idea or theme but add to the colour palette and textures?

I like to add small crystals and stationary to mine, they are two of my favourite things to add interest!

I am going to be doing some more moodboarding posts and I will be looking more in depth into the 3 ways I have mentioned in this post! Keep an eye out!

Kelly xXx

Checkout my Pinterest & Instagram for ideas & inspo!


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