Raemoir water feature from 2017 visit

It has to be said that Garden centres are becoming the place to be, an afternoon strolling round the plants and indulging in a coffee afterwards. As I have gotten older and reached adulthood, what used to be a yawn fest is becoming one of my favourite past times. I visit family up in Scotland a few times a year and a visit to Raemoir is always on the cards.

One of the reasons I love Raemoir is that it is has the perfect balance of gardening, home & food! I am always looking out for inspiration for both inside and outside my home and somewhere that has great displays gets a big thumbs up from me!

We visited in May this year (and will be there again in September!) so while on my way around I took a few pictures to share with you!




In the entrance you’ll find different styled themes, there is a lot of jungle, tropical and boho vibes with patterns, fabrics and accessories this year. Its one of the trends I love but haven’t managed to jump on the bandwagon yet!

Although I have gone for some macrame & wall hangings in our recent bedroom revamp! But I am still looking for a few new bits!

I love the baskets, lanterns & faux  flowers at Raemoir.







More florals, a few vintage pieces and some tropical sneaking in! Yellow is back again this year with less mustard tones and more lemony shades.

How lovely are the vases & tealight holders!








This fella. I was a little bit in love with this giraffe however having absolutely no where to put him and other priorities in the house that don’t involve turning it into a suburban Savannah (also how would I explain that one to Mr The Yorkshire Hare?!).

I just love all the glassware and vases in this display!







Outdoor Living style is currently my favourite, with this gorgeous weather, we have had lots of time to enjoy our garden and put our stamp on it!

I loved the light creams and grey’s at Raemoir so much that we have pretty much painted anything that can be painted in Cuprinol Muted Clay – which I first saw on Lanni Loves’ instagram.

The living boxes on the walls looked incredible and could be replicated with faux or real plants (depending on how much time you have to put it all together!)  I always say, there is nothing wrong with faux plants! You can get some really realistic ones now…and they are so much easier to look after if you lead a busy life!




But my ultimate favourite pieces at Raemoir were these GORGEOUS skandi style cushions, blankets and chairs.

I loved them and wanted them all but what are you going to do when your other half is herding you away from the prettythings!

But after a successful mooch around it was time for some lunch in the restaurant, I had the best pannini I have ever had….ever!

Next time you are up that way be sure to pop in! Or visit their website for more information.

Until next time,

Kelly xXx

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