TYH Reading List – October

The Life Changing Magic of not giving a f*ck by Sarah Knight.

One of the best books I have read in a long time. You may look at the title and think it might be a total p*ss take (Sorry Dad) but I can 100% assure you its not! I have tried self help books before and none have retained my attention as much as this one, Sarah Knight is funny, no actually she is hilarious but she speaks the truth, and she makes you think. She draws on real life experiences, some of hers and some of the people who took part in her research, I sat there most nights thinking oh thank god its not just me!

Its a practical book. She makes you write a list, of things you don’t give a f*ck about (again sorry Dad, you might want to stop reading, there’s going to be a few f bombs), this was when I realised I could fill a whole notebook of those things… and of things that you shouldn’t give a f*ck about, again, I could fill another notebook. But its good to get these things off your chest and see them on paper, it puts them into perspective.

I am a worrier, I worry about everything, especially things out of my control, some may call it a hobby. But I can hand on heart say I have worried less and have successfully not given as many f*cks. I think that is a result. Be gone the f*cks to give.

I do recommend, I am currently on the second one, I will let you know how that one goes! I started reading it on a visit to my Grandparents, that was an awkward moment when I was asked what I was reading…just getting my sh*t together Grandad.

Kelly xXx


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