TYH Reading List – December

The Corset by Laura Purcell.

If you have been following my Reading list blog posts then you’ll have seen my post from November, the first book I read by Laura Purcell which was a spooky ghost story. This however is the complete opposite, freaky but for different reasons!

One day I was reading The Corset in the staff room at work, a colleague asked me how I was finding it, I told him it was sick. He then told me I was too old to use the phrase ‘it was sick’….when did I get too old?! But that is not what i meant, I was talking about it in the stomach turning, wanting to close your eyes and run away sense!

The Corset is a real gruesome read, not for the faint hearted or weak stomached. It covers some pretty uncomfortable topics of the Victorian period, from the casual racism of the time to pretty graphic and sadistic violence and the conditions young women were forced to work in.

Its an eye opener for sure, but I can’t fault Laura Purcell for her research, in fact she came to do a talk about this book at my place of work, the story is actually based on a real story she came across whilst researching for her work. Which makes it all the more sickening that it was mainly all true and she even toned it down too…

But my favourite part of the story is Dorothea, when you read it you’ll know why! She adds a break from the darkness in her chapters, she is very frivolous but very much ahead of her time and I love her for it.

Until next time…


Kelly xXx

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