The home, the mind & reading

I really believe that the surroundings you live in affect your mood.

Back story

Three or four years ago I went to my GP about the anxiety & panic I was feeling on pretty much a daily basis. This is something I haven’t really talked about much on my blog or over on my instagram, as for a while it felt quite personal and I did feel ashamed that I had ever felt this way.

In the early days I opened up to people who I thought were close friends to be met with “Oh, I have never met anyone with that” like I had some sort of rare tropical disease! Isn’t it funny how these things stay with you!

I was offered tablets and/or CBT, I chose CBT which I can say did not help one jot. My Dad found a guy in our village who did hypnotherapy. I hand on heart can say that it saved me from the clutches of my anxiety. I still sometimes feel anxiety and certain situations put the fear in me, but I put that down to being a born worrier.


What do you think of when you hear the word home? There’s nothing like a bit of forced audience participation! Let me know in the comments!

Home, for me means:

  • Somewhere I can be myself
  • Comfort, cosy blankets & candles
  • And of course Mr TYH (when he’s not farting in bed)
  • And a dog (I miss my family dog on a daily basis, did you read that Mr TYH?

But more than that, I think the things you surround yourself with & in particular colours make a big difference. I was really conscious while thinking up colours schemes of what Olly may want, so I chose greys/neutrals…and then painted the bedroom pink…

I love a good mood board! It really helps me to visualise a room. Whenever I visit B&Q I always pick up a few Valspar paint swatches as they are great for mood boards & flatlays (I did a post on moodboarding a while back if you want a look).

The way you feel about your home makes a huge difference to your mental health, being content, relaxed and happy in your space is really important. That’s why I like neutrals as they really ground me and don’t take over a space. Its a good idea to find out what colours give you good feelings!


You know I love to harp on about this…but on your next outing, be that visiting the supermarket or going into town, pick up a book! If you aren’t sure its your thing, visit a Library, you can join for free & borrow books for free, there’s nothing to loose! And I don’t say this from an entirely biased point of view, before I worked in a Library I was obsessed with borrowing books from our sixth form Library, I then went onto buying books from supermarkets as they are super cheap.

It doesn’t matter what speed you read, the more you do read naturally the quicker you get, as long as you take that time for yourself and give your mind a well earned break! If you need some inspo I have started a series of posts on books I have been reading here is last months.


I have tried not to bore on for too long in this post as its Sunday and I am sure you all have better things to do, but its just a tiny bit of my insight to how the home & reading can influence your mental health, as it happens they are two of my favourite things!

Kelly xXx

One thought on “The home, the mind & reading

  1. Brooke says:

    I couldn’t agree more Kelly. Home to me is where Otis and Nick are, it’s where all my stuff has it’s place and it’s where I crave to be when I’m sad or tired or lonely.

    Liked by 1 person

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