TYH Reading List – February

Mad by Chloe Esposito.

Seven days of sin.

Seven days of secrets.

Seven days to steal her sister’s life.


Not one for the faint hearted, if you don’t like murder, a lot of swearing or sex, its not for you…

By no means was this a fifty shade of grey remake but if you are a bit of prude or as a recent Library user told me ‘I don’t like immoral people doing immoral things in books’ its not the one for you.

Chloe Esposito has a way with words, or should I say Alvie does, its all written from her point of view and her internal narrative is hilarious, she is totally unflappable. She does not care!

I don’t know what genre I would class this as, definitely crime with a bit of thriller but a chicklit element. All I know is I have never read a book so quick, I am onto the second one, aptly named Bad!

I am a little bit behind on Reading List posts, hence why February’s is being posted in April but I have already read my March book…just need to get writing!

Kelly xXx


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