Anne Michelle Jewellery & me…

#AD-gifted Blog Post.

When Anne Michelle sent me a message asking if she could gift me some items from her jewellery collections, I was absolutely honoured! Of course I said yes! I truly believe I am closely related to a magpie, anything pretty, shiny or silver and I am there!

A little bit about Anne Michelle…

“Jewellery designer Anne-Michelle Dooley began her career in Cape Town, South Africa. 

With over 12 years experience and now living in the United Kingdom, Anne-Michelle runs her home-based studio in the Cotswolds countryside, drawing inspiration from the abundant natural beauty that surrounds her. 

Handcrafting and a love for delicate details remain an important theme throughout her ranges of sterling silver and gold pieces.”

I wrote a post on instagram talking about how my fashion style is reflected in my home style, theres a lot of grey in my wardrobe and home! But do we really dress like our homes or vice versa?


I love silver, I find it the easiest to style both in my home and on myself, I very rarely wear gold but when I saw Anne Michelle’s beautiful Berries & Leaf Ring (link here) I loved the contrast in the gold and silver.

It really is a fairytale ring, a perfect representation of the beautiful countryside.

From the day it arrived in the post I haven’t actually taken it off!


anne michelle.png

I love independent businesses, its something that one day I hope to do but pretty sure I don’t have the brains! I really try to support small and independent businesses, whether it be buying gifts for loved ones or just a share on social media, it makes a difference!

Anne Michelle has very kindly given us a discount code so you can get yourself 20% off any jewellery up until the end of May with code YH001! Visit to have a browse!


Pop over to instagram to follow us both, I will be popping up some styling pics…soon!



Kelly xXx

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