How to make a Sedum box

For whatever reason I have a very weird fascination with both indoor succulents & outdoor succulents (also known as Sedums) – so when we were thinking about the garden I knew I wanted some somewhere!

The earliest I can remember seeing these plants is at my Auntie Averil & Uncle Ivan’s house, they have these lovely stone planters/troughs with these funny little plants in, I loved them!  – Its amazing what sticks with you but I knew that I wanted some too!

I didn’t have any stone troughs or planters but what I did have at the front of the house was a raised window box (window box with legs!) so Mr TYH got his orders & moved it from the front of the house (where I forget about it & everything goes crispy) to the side of the shed.

sedum box

After Mr TYH attached it to the shed, it was my turn.

  • First using a staple gun I lined the bottom, there are proper liners you can use but I used a bin bag with some holes in the bottom!
  • Then I filled it with compost – the sedums I bought from the garden centre were potted in similar (probably a well draining type).
  • Then worked out where I wanted them placed, based on how much they would grow & spread. Biggest in the middle!
  • Then using left over gravel from near our shed I filled it – to try keep weeds at bay & it looks nice!
  • Then painted it to match the shed –  in Cuprinol Muted Clay.

All done! It was a quick & easy afternoon task! Over the latter end of summer & spring this year they have grown so much, I will have to take a new picture. Over winter I have a little plastic cover for them so they don’t get too wet & rot, and to keep frost off them. They are hardy little things & don’t really require keeping frost off them but it made me feel better!

Thanks for reading! I will be back with more house & garden projects soon! You can keep up with what I am doing over on Instagram –

Kelly xXx



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