Bedroom 2.0

The only room we have decorated twice…the only room I cried while painting, but it was worth it!


I should probably expand on why I cried, it was the first time round when we redecorated, I envisioned a beautiful dusky pink, I started painting, absolutely crapped my pants, it was so dark, I knew Mr TYH would KILL me. So I rang him, crying down the phone…


I learn’t to love it but it wasn’t what I wanted, so here comes bedroom 2.0!

This time round, we decided to paper the wall behind the bed to break the room up a bit, it was a bit overwhelming having all the walls one colour & texture, so we opted for a concrete effect paper from B&Q. Its  subtle but I really love it, its just enough.

Then came choosing a paint colour to go with the wall paper, I wanted to keep it light but warm..but not magnolia warm! So we went with Dulux Pebble Shore (for anyone who is interested in the previous colour it was a B&Q own brand in Dusky Rose) – I knew I wanted that colour but Mr Sensible pants made me get a tester, sure enough I was right. Luckily the woodwork had been freshened up last year so that didn’t need doing this time.

We kept all the same furniture, I just swapped out the bedside lights & got some new accessories. The job was a good’un! I have done a moodboard of the finished product, with paint & paper swatches, its been a while since my last moodboard, I had fun making this one, I love how the colours all tone in together.

Bedroom moodboard

So what do you think? Be sure to leave a comment, I love hearing from you guys!

Product list

I can’t find the links for everything, I am sorry! But I did purchase in store, so they may not be available online.

Bedside lamps – The Range (now £9.99 in store)

Wallpaper – B&Q, Luxury Boutique Heavyweight Vinyl in Taupe – £20 per roll

Paint – Dulux, shade Pebble Shore

Moroccan bowls – TkMaxx

Square cushions – TkMaxx

Rectangular cushion – John Lewis

Bedding – Sainsburys Home


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