DIY William Morris prints

Possibly the quickest & easiest Blog post ever! All you will need is…

  • A4 Frame with mount
  • Scissors/paper cutter
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  • Wallpaper samples

The wallpaper samples I ordered (the first two were free!) came as A3-ish size, depending on the pattern repeat they may come bigger. I have been able to get 2 prints & some scraps from 1 sample. They did come folded, but was too lazy to try & iron the crease out, I framed mine anyway but you can’t really see the crease!

I used the print I had in the frame already as a template, placed it on top of the wallpaper sample, moved it to where I wanted the pattern. I then marked round the edge with a pencil so I got the right size & a straight edge.

Then cut along the lines I marked. I then popped the print in the frame, with the mount inserted first, centralised my ‘print’ and taped the top & bottom so that it didn’t drop or move when placing the back of the frame on.

That’s it! So simple but effective, and a cheap alternative!

Until next time!

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