The Crystal Lifestyle Edit

One of my other loves is Crystals! They are so beautiful & I love that they adorn my home!

Since I was a little girl & I set eyes on my Mums crystal collection, I have loved them. There is something magical about a crystal, if there is anything I have magpie tendancies about it’s jewellery & crystals, preferably together! She keeps a huge lump of raw Rose Quartz on the kitchen windowsill, I can’t tell you how many times I have picked it up just to touch it! Rose quartz is my favourite & I am still just as drawn to it.

Rose Quartz Sphere & Agate bookend

I have recently started working with a small business as a Brand Rep, I stumbled across Twilight Crystals Co. on Instagram. Always drawn to pretty images of crystals! Meg was on the hunt for brand reps, so I applied & was lucky enough to be chosen. I will post my discount code & all the links at the bottom of this post for you to browse & enjoy!

Reconstituted Quartz Point
Amethyst sphere & Mini stars

My personal collection is quite vast! One of my favourite pieces is this reconstituted Quartz points, I was really intrigued by the process. Basically the quartz is ground (usually bits that are waste), heated up & then reformed into either spheres or points.

It has lovely ‘clouds’ inside it!

I also have many, many, many ‘mini’ crystals, all in the shapes of hearts & stars. They are no bigger than a 1p!

But I love them, they make great accessories to flatlays & I love the noise they make clinking together in their little cotton bag.

I have increasingly been using crystals & other natural pieces in my home decor. My most recent addition has been this Desert Rose, I couldn’t decide between individual rosettes or this cluster, I am glad I went with the cluster as it is so much easier to display, I would have needed some sort of bowl to display individual rosettes – but I feel that coming on next! But don’t worry Mr TYH, not anytime soon so you can stop checking our bank balance now!

Desert Rose (Selenite Rose)

If you love crystals just as much as me, you can get 10% off your orders from Twilight Crystals Co. with code KELLY10 – here is the link to the online shop. And be sure to follow Meg on Instagram too –

Here are some beauties from the Twilight Crystal Co.

And if you are here just for the crystal chat, I have made a dedicated instagram page for my Crystals, so not to bore you interior lovers to death! You can find it here – @the_crystal_lifestyle_edit

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