Garden – DIY Decking

This really is Mr TYH’s territory so forgive my ignorance! Building isn’t my forte! But I will do my best to explain how/what we did!

It all started with a glass roof/cover we had installed. We had always planned on re-doing the decking but this pushed us to do it sooner as it made the old stuff look proper manky!


There is the new glass roof with the old decking, and then it became very obvious when we starting taking the decking apart that it was knackered! It was rotten & unstable. I mean I am sure there is a saying there…you can’t polish a turd?

Olly got underway, burning some frustration by ripping it apart, and boy did it look much better. At this point new paving was not in the equation, although its something I would like, I don’t think we will be investing in any at this house.

It was most definitely a labour of love, with some help along the way we got it finished pretty soon! It is quite useful having a joiner for a husband, he is so clever with stuff like this, if it wasn’t for his hard work we wouldn’t have a space like this to enjoy, especially during the lovely lockdown weather! But don’t tell him I said that!

The finished product

It’s huge! So much bigger than our old decking. It measures a whopping 4.6m by 3.4m,

Here are the essential things you need to know about building your own decking (confirmed by Mr TYH)

  • Choose a local decking supplier, it will be much better quality & cheaper than B&Q or Wickes.
  • Measure twice, cut once (that comes from Papa TYH)
  • Use suitable screws for the job, don’t use steel screws as they will rust – proper decking screws are ideal.
  • Use plenty of joists, at least every 60cm to keep it stable – ours are at 50cm. You can then fix spacers between the joists, to stop them moving (these are called noggins, apparently, he better not be having me on).
  • When screwing down the ends of the boards drill pilot holes to prevent the wood from splitting.
  • Good tools help! We use Dewalt for all our power tool needs.

All about the accessories

Then it was my turn! We decided to source a new dining set, we wanted it to be comfortable for meals out on the decking but also to lounge around on. We found a set in JYSK – it was on sale at £250 for a sofa, 2 chairs & a table, it was also the perfect colour! I would have linked it but I can’t find it online, we did buy it in March though.

Then came a outdoor rug from B&Q, that was only something like £10 a few years ago.

And finally a table centre, I didn’t want anything too big, we still need to eat off there! So this little set from Asda was perfect, it was around £2.50 & then the sedums were from a local garden centre, but soon I shall have my own in production, one of the outcomes of lockdown is a mini green house to grown my own sedum babies!

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