Interiors & Instagram

So, I started my interior and lifestyle blogging journey in January this year, it was kind of a quick thing really, I just did it one day after we decided to start looking to buy a house that I wanted to start a blog and an Instagram about interiors and lifestyle. I couldn’t just stick to interiors, we don’t have a house that I can take photos of and share my ‘vision’ so I wanted to be able to keep up posts and be able to share other things that I love too!

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6 Months a blogger

So for the last 6 Months I have been trying my hand at blogging, I was a little worried at first as to whether I would look a complete idiot! But so far so good, I have joined the loveliest lifestyle, homes & interiors community on Instagram. Each and every one of the accounts is so supportive and lovely and you get to know the people behind them.

So 12 or so Blog posts later, where am I?

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