Raemoir water feature from 2017 visit

It has to be said that Garden centres are becoming the place to be, an afternoon strolling round the plants and indulging in a coffee afterwards. As I have gotten older and reached adulthood, what used to be a yawn fest is becoming one of my favourite past times. I visit family up in Scotland a few times a year and a visit to Raemoir is always on the cards.

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Whats new?

IMG_20180409_175947_017 - Copy

Mr TYH is pretty clever really, look at that shelf!

Its been all systems go these past few months, we finished painting the living room, stripped and painted the hallway. We then moved onto the garden when the nice weather hit and I got started painting the shed!

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Christmas with The Yorkshire Hare

Christmas in April? You’ve got to be kidding! Bear with me this post was originally published in December!

I have some pretty big expectations when it comes to Christmas. First off it has to be the decorations, it isn’t Christmas without a beautifully decorated tree and accessories, right? Now I have never had a big 6ft dreamboat of a tree, I have always had little ones (Christmas 2018 will be a game changer, I am hoping to get one in the January sales!) but nevertheless there is loads you can do with a small tree. Providing you get the right size decorations you can just about angle your camera to make them look like the big ones! A bit of Instagram fakery for you!

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