Collaborating with Sarah Boddy


I was super excited when the team behind Sarah Boddy offered me the chance to collaborate with them, even more so when I got to choose pieces from the range to enjoy! You would have thought I would make a bee line for the Hare range (its so lovely!) but I decided to change things up and go with another Countryside beauty, the humble Pheasant! And I love the design, the colours are beautiful and it is instantly obvious that a lot of time and care has gone into each piece.

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Interiors & Instagram

So, I started my interior and lifestyle blogging journey in January this year, it was kind of a quick thing really, I just did it one day after we decided to start looking to buy a house that I wanted to start a blog and an Instagram about interiors and lifestyle. I couldn’t just stick to interiors, we don’t have a house that I can take photos of and share my ‘vision’ so I wanted to be able to keep up posts and be able to share other things that I love too!

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The White Sage Way

The White Sage Way

One of the great things about the home, interiors and lifestyle community is the people you get to meet, not just via social media but from buying from small businesses on Etsy. We all know I love shopping and Crystals, so when it comes to both, I might just be in my element!
I came across The White Sage Way and Linda whilst looking for little accessories to decorate my Instagram and Blog pictures, something different, dainty and pretty. I am already a massive fan of crystals and I had never ever seen any cut into little tiny hearts or stars, I knew I just had to have them for my pictures. I love all of them…I think Linda almost banned me from her Etsy shop, ‘oh I will just order a couple of those ones…but those are pretty too!’

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